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RT @todrick: Thank you love RT @soulartistmgmt: @todrick @RuPaulsDragRace The Choregraphy was No Joke Tonight @Silky_Ganache slayed it #big
@todrick @RuPaulsDragRace The Choregraphy was No Joke Tonight @Silky_Ganache slayed it #biggirlforthewin
Momma RU @RuPaulsDragRace @RuPaul its Silky for the WIN @Silky_Ganache she is THE REAL DEAL
@ThePerezHilton She standing up for her self in a way that is inspirational to anyone in a abusive relationship Bra…
RT @sheymonmoraes: #tbt hungry and ready ... what’s the next ? @ufc . . #borntofight #alwayshungry #mmafighter #ufcfighter #ready #naféaxé…
@DannyPellegrino They need to being @OfficialKimora on to the show. LVP has made it clear its time to move on
@ThePerezHilton God Bless Her
RT @tracelysette: A nom is in order. You put your entire foot, mind, heart in these scenes. So proud of you honey ❤️
RT @Andy: There is a cold place in hell for the Alabama Senate.
RT @shadowandact: Unbought and unbossed! @UzoAduba is set to portray #ShirleyChisholm in a new @FXNetworks limited series, #MrsAmerica. Det…
@DannyPellegrino I think they need to bring on @OfficialKimora as a new Housewife
RT @JohnnySibilly: Sis has been breaking through for years and I’m so happy she’s getting the deserved recognition. Get it @MjRodriguez7 ht…
Andy cohen @Andy you need @OfficialKimora on the Housewives ! NY or BH ... she would be Amazing
@marcuslmorris @trevorjab They literally have KAsey Musgrave On their Instagram at the Stonewall Inn interviewing people. Do you feel me?
@marcuslmorris @trevorjab In a perfect world we would see alot of Patrick Kelly but if it isnt an advertiser its ne…
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